SoMa Downtown Grill Specials

Drink Specials

Limonata and Vodka- 10

Citrus vodka and Pellegrino Limonata soda

Summer Splash - 10

Orange vodka and cranberry ginger ale.

Appetizer/Small Plates

Artichoke Bruschetta Flatbread– 9

Citrus vodka and Pellegrino Limonata soda


Mushroom Provolone Chicken Sandwich - 13

Grilled chicken smothered with sautéed mushrooms and provolone cheese on a brioche roll. Served with choice of potato salad, coleslaw or fries.

Grilled London Broil with Bernaise Sauce- 16

London broil, grilled to your liking, sliced thin and finished with Bernaise sauce, with choice of potato and vegetable.


Carrot Cake -5.5

Rich and moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Layer Cake 5.5

Decadent and delicious!

Key Lime Pie – 5.5

Light and refreshing.